Erich the managing director at Cirrus Consulting, a small consulting firm located in San Francisco, California. His team turned to Fluid when they realized that a new contract was going to force them into a cash-gap. Erich describes Fluid as, “The simplest tool to optimize your cash-flow.”

How would you describe your business?

We are a software consultancy that helps enterprise organizations streamline and organize their sales processes through Oracle cloud products.

How long have you all been in business?

We have been together for 2.5 years.

Who are your customers?

Our target customers and users are enterprise organizations and sales individuals

How long are your typical engagements?

Typically multi-year engagements.

When did you decide to use Fluid?

With one of our current contracts we knew we were going to experience a cash-gap that wasn’t preferred. We needed the full amount and wanted to repay at the end of our own contract terms. We looked at all of the alternatives. With Fundbox, we found their process to be too long. The terms at Lending Club were fairly expensive. Kabbage also has extremely high interest rates and odd repayment terms. In the end, Fluid had the best application mechanic (they lent us the full amount and allowed us to repay them when we got paid) and the price.

What first appealed to you about the application?

The cost advantage and the way the principal was repaid. We did not need a loan, the money from a balance sheet perspective is cash. We needed to utilize the balance of our receivables today so we could grow immediately.

How would you quantify the impact on your business?

We probably save on average about $5,000 in payments by using Fluid.

How would you describe the application?

It helps us in terms of liquidity. The thing for us is that we are trying to solve is balancing the cash flow. The key to optimizing our cash-flow is having the simplest tool to manage this cash-flow.