We founded Fluid with the purpose of bringing together the data and resources necessary to improve business cash flow. To answer the question, "when will I get paid," and to solve the problem, "I need to get paid today."

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So what's Fluid?

Cash flow is the most important, yet often most ignored, metric. It’s your rent, the food on your table, the way you provide for your team, their families. Even after years of payments innovation, cash flow is determined by the same net-payments deposited weeks, or months, after the work has been completed. Today you have a new option and we're excited to share it with you.

Say hello to Fluid - a better way to get paid.

Fluid is a new way to interact with your cash flow, built on modern technology with the promise of controlling your payments on your terms. A virtual payment manager built to get you paid faster and secure your cash flow with advances available on each approved invoice.

We wanted to create an application that solved real business problems. We've tackled net payment terms head on, developing an easier way for you to get paid on your own schedule. Each invoice shared through Fluid has the opportunity to be advanced once approved by your client.

We also know that small businesses have a harder time receiving financial products, so we changed the way our software determines financial strength. Advances have never been more accessible. We auto-approve our partners to receive our advance product, using their (often) more credit-worthy clients as the approving factor for any advance. We then extend their client's creditworthiness to our partners, dramatically reducing the cost for any advance transaction.

We still wanted to add more value.

So most of our time was spent addressing fundamental payment problems, creating a workflow that has improved our average user's time to collect payment by 22 days. This is the heart of the Fluid experience. The more you use Fluid, the less likely you are to take an advance.

There's still an extensive feature set to be rolled out over the next few months including the next generation of our reporting suite. We're hard at work building a future where Fluid is the catalyst to effortless cash flow management. Stay tuned.

Who made Fluid?

We are a team of developers, designers and finance geeks who faced our own cash flow problem while running an independent software consultancy. We had the opportunity to solve our own problem. We took on the challenge and created Fluid.

We understood early that starting a financial service from scratch would be ambitious. From the start, were incubated by Mucker Lab, a leading accelerator, where we released our Beta product in the summer of 2015. We've since grown with great advisors from companies, including: Green Dot, Wallaby, Airbnb, and Lending Home, along with investment from some of the best angels and institutions.

This is just the beginning for Fluid. We would love to have you along for the journey.



Application Description

Fluid is a better way to get paid. A virtual payment manager that optimizes your payments and secures your income with optional advances on every invoice.

Our platform is free, including our digital payment suite to readily accept ACH, Check, Credit and Debit cards. Each account is also automatically approved to take advantage of advancing invoices that have been shared and approved through our platform.

Our current clients have used Fluid to manage millions of dollars, from receivables to payables.


*Invoice optimization -- Never send another invoice follow-up. Let Fluid take care of alerting your client to secure your payment faster.

*Turnkey digital payments -- Accept all major payment options in one convenient place. Use Fluid to accept ACH, Check, Credit and Debit cards, wired straight to your personal, business bank account.

*Instant advances -- Automatically qualify to advance your invoice payments. Once your invoice is approved, the amount is instantly available to withdraw whether or not your client has processed payment.

*Team management -- A simple way to integrate your team and manage their payments. Offering your team the same benefits you already receive from Fluid.

Our Story

The way we work is changing and at the heart of this change is payments - your rent, the food on your table, the way you provide for your family. We know, we experienced it first hand. So over the last two years, we've developed an entirely new way to interact with your income, built on modern technology with the promise of controlling your payments on your terms. Fluid - a better way to get paid.

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